AISLive - Combined Satellite and Terrestrial Ship Tracking Solutions
Track real-time ship movements online across five continents, over 2,500 ports and terminals, 100+ countries, updated every three minutes, 24/7. AISLive's user friendly mapping tool with multiple layered maps and filtering by 169 ship types provides greater visibility and easy navigation.

AISLive Subscription Levels

Compare the services included with AISLive Premium, AISLive Plus and AISLive Standard. Find the AISLive solution that is right for your business needs.

Services AISLive
Our unique filtering service uses the ship code system
Statcode 5 allowing filtering of 169 different ship types for verified ships and 22 unverfied ship types
NEW filters include Destination Port, ETA, Draught, Speed, DWT,GT Operator and Technical Manager
Satellite ship movements:
Live ship positions taken from our satellite network provides clearer tracking of your ships deep sea movements around the globe
Terrestrial ship movements:
Live ship positions taken from our terrestrial antenna network
Show ship colour by ship speed/recency
Show ship colour by ship type
Verified data:
Using our ships and ports databases AISLive enhances the ship/port data to supply more accurate and complete information
Ship characteristics & ownership data:
Additional ship and ownership data on ships taken
Ship photographs
Latest ship and company news headlines
Basic port information
Dry Cargo & Tanker Berths Layer on map
Enhanced port information:
View comprehensive details of over 12,000 ports & terminals including a complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities, pre-arrival and navigation details, berths and cargo, tanker berths, plans and mooring diagrams
Latest port news
Ships expected in port in next 24 hours data:
View a list of ships due into a port in the next 24 hours taken from our combined port calling data
Ships currently in port data:
View a list of ships currently in a port taken from our combined port calling data
Ships departed port in the last 24 hours data:
View a list of ships departed a port in the last 24 hours taken from our combined port calling data
Coverage of up to 89,000 live vessels every day
Weather information
Automatically refreshes as you navigate around the map
Quotas vary from service levels (s=single user quota / n=network user quota)
Add ships/fleet to the WatchList to easily see the latest positions with option to export to Excel and add notes

s/n 250

s90 / n120

s30 / n60
Bespoke Alert Zones
Create your bespoke alerts zones anywhere in the world to be notified when a ship has arrived in a certain area. Zones can be anywhere between 2 and 160 nautical miles

s/n 50

s/n 20

s/n 20
Itinerary Change Alerts
Receive automated emails alerts to any address when the crew change the destination or time of arrival on their transponder

s/n 250

s90 / n120

s30 / n60
Port Arrival Alerts
Receive automated emails alerts to any address when a ship arrives at a port


Daily Noon Report Email Alert
Receive an automated email daily to provide the latest positions and information of the ships in your WatchList
Additional Services
C-map and Bing road and satellite map views including 16 levels of zoom
Events Time Line
Ship Track History on Map and in Google:
Track a ships historical movements directly on the AIS map with ability to set date range and draught threshold

up to 30 days

up to 7 days

up to 7 days
Real Time Intelligence Report
This refreshable report provides insight to ships shown on map providing top 10 lists including destination, last port of call, ship type and Operators and Managers
Measure Tool
Measure points on a map (in nautical miles) using the simple to use tool
Add Notes
Ability to add notes to ships in your WatchList
AISLive mobile app
AISLive mobile app for iPhone and iPad users is available to download
AISLive Layar app
View ship data on your mobile with the AISLive Layar App. View in reality via your camera
AIS Data Supply Services
A range of tailored AIS data services are available. Satellite and terrestrial AIS information can be supplied in a format of your choice, at a frequency of your choice, to integrate into your own system or for your own analysis.
Contact us for more information
AIS Live Premium: Combined satellite and terrestrial Ship Tracking Solutions
NEW AISLive Premium: The complete picture
Increased coverage of your fleets’ deep sea and offshore movements

AISLive Premium combines all the great features of Standard & Plus but with an added dimension - the inclusion of satellite data for mid ocean coverage. Users will enjoy live coverage of ship positions and movements along the world’s critical maritime trade routes, including deep ocean, for asset tracking or risk assessment.

Who uses AISLive?
  Maritime professionals requiring real time and historic movements, ship and port data use AISLive including marine equipment companies, border security, military, port authorities, port operators, port agents and maritime organisations
How can AISLive Premium help your business?
Identify New Business • Use the verified company details of a ship to contact the managers/operators to promote your services and generate new business
Competitor Analysis • Gain a competitive advantage by using the most accurate, current, and comprehensive data available
• Use the invaluable data to conduct market and competitor research
Operational Efficiency • Follow your fleets global movements including deep sea coverage to keep track of their routes, speeds and arrival times.
• Obtain the most recent information, 24 hours a day, on port news and developments for planning a port call.
• Use the quality ports data to comply with ISPS code regulations.
• Find specific services at worldwide ports.
• The user friendly tools keep track of your fleets movements and speed over the last 7 days to follow routes and ship speed efficiency. • Use the ship track history to analyse competitor trading routes using live, accurate, reliable data.
Manage Staff Resources • Use the distance tables service to get more accurate times of arrival of ships arrival in port to help with time management of service staff waiting to service the ship.
• Use the Ship Watch innovative tools to help manage service staff time effectively to save invaluable waiting time and costs.
Identify Movement Trends • Using the deep sea movements get a clear picture of global movements to identify movement trends and competitor movements
Quality Assurance • Have absolute confidence and trust in the data sources allowing you to make your smart business critical decisions and planning with ease. Using our ships and ports databases we have enhanced the data displayed with IHS ship/port verified data to supply more accurate and complete information.
Domain Awareness • Using AISLive Premium gives you a clear picture of all the ship movements in your domain, providing a clear picture of ships sailing in all your waters
Risk Analysis • Use the bespoke zones, and alerts around targeted areas to ensure that a ship does not contravene its agreed trading zone.
• Identify and watch vessels that could be a security risk in your waters

For more information on AISLive's services or to request a trial to please contact us.

AIS Live Plus: Live Ship Movments and Comprehensive Ports Information
AISLive Plus

AISLive Plus combines all the great features of Standard but with enhanced ports information

  • Ports Data:
    Enhanced subscription will provide comprehensive details of over 10,000 ports & terminals including a complete description of the port and all of the relevant facilities, pre-arrival and navigation details, berths and cargo, tanker berths, plans and mooring diagrams (over 4,000 in total).
  • Ships in port:
    Users can see a list of vessels in the port within the last 24 hours only.
  • Ships expected with alert function:
    Users can see a list of ships due in the port within the next 24 hours only, and will be able to set up a simple alert to confirm when the vessel crosses the outer boundary of the port zone.
  • Ships departed:
    Users will be able to see a list of vessels that have departed the port in the last 24 hours only.
  • Event Time Line:
    The Event Time Line facility is a unique AIS function that shows a ship's status changes for the last 72 hours and shows the time, lat and long and draft information in a list.
  • Watchlists:
    Users can create a fleet list for ships of interest that can be accessed very quickly to see current position on the map. A list of up to 50 vessels can be created and details viewed together in one grid view. (Now available in AISLive)

For more information on AISLive's services or to request a trial please contact us.

AIS Live Ship Tracking - AIS Hardware
Add your port/area to AISLive

The AIS Live Installation Kit provides the highest quality equipment required for adding a new station to the AIS network. All that is required locally is a power source, an outdoor location to place the VHF antenna and a permanent connection to the Internet. With pre- programmed hardware, assistance from our dedicated support team and easy to follow guides, installation is simple. Once connected, the received information will be displayed on AISLIVE.COM.

The AIS Live Installation Kit includes the following items and services:

1. AIS receiver. This is a passive, receive only unit for which no frequency permit or transmission license is required. We currently supply the AIS-CTRX dual channel AIS receiver. New long range AIS receivers are also available, please call us to discuss this option.

AIS receiver

2. Cardiod Array Antenna For the best results we provide a robust cardiod array antenna with 10 meters of high quality LMR400 ' low loss " antenna cable. A mounting pole and kit are provided as standard. A smaller whip antenna is also available for more restricted installations.

3. DIGI One SP RS-232 to TCP/IP converter with 10 metres of Ethernet cable.
This device will transmit the AIS receiver's data to the AISLIVE Internet server.

DIGI One SP RS-232

4. Free banner advertisement on your local chart - for more details click here).

5. Lifetime access to the system FREE OF CHARGE. Access to AISLive for a five user licence in one location is currently £2,015 / €2,555 / $3,675 per year. As a member of our network, you would never be asked to pay this fee. This licence applies to all of your team at one location for all of the time that you continue to connect to AISLive.

These additional benefits will help you recoup the cost of your installation kit very quickly.

There is no catch with the lifetime access to AIS and banner advert offer. The only requirement is that you maintain your AIS connection to AISLive and continue to supply AIS data to AISLive.

6. The Premier Station Support Service. We provide the highest level of support to all our station hosts. We have created a unique support service for all our global stations. This service includes an Automated Email Alert Service that alerts our hosts when their station has stopped service connecting to our network. This alert service works 24 hours a day/7 days a week and can be sent to various key email addresses. In addition hosts are given access to our user friendly Station Monitoring Software to monitor the stations connectivity in parallel with the support team. This software is linked to the AIS site, so no installation on local workstations is required. The software is complete with trouble shooting documents to assist should problems arise.

7. Dedicated Support Team. Our customer care team of AIS experts are available to assist you from point of sale, to delivery, installation and maintenance of the hardware. If your hardware stops sending data to our servers, the team are on hand to provide a high level of support and expertise to trouble shoot the hardware.

To place your order NOW, contact sales - Part packages also available

Local Requirements

  • VHF antenna need to be placed outside on a high vantage point in the area of interest. 30 metres mast height above sea level would typically give you 30 nautical miles of coverage. The higher the antenna is placed, the better the coverage range will be.
  • A 24-hour/7 days a week local broadband/ADSL Internet connection
  • Power socket.
Technical Specifications

AIS receiver
Dimensions: Length 175mm, Width: 120mm
Height: 90mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Connectors: BNC

Cardiod Array Antenna
Length: 1500mm, Width (at widest point) 760mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Brackets: 5kg
Connectors: N connector male BNC

Do you have your own AIS hardware? Would you like to connect to the AIS network?
If so please contact us us to discuss how to connect your station to our network.

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Advertise your services

If you want your message to be read by decision makers all over the world, you should consider advertising with AISLive. Build your presence locally, regionally and internationally. Put your message across one of the most visited sites in shipping, in a cost effective way. With an average of 8,000 visits a day, and over 5,000,000 page views per month, you will consistently reach a wide global audience.

Banner advertisement on regional maps.
The regional charts give you the opportunity to get your message across to all of the ports in the region of your choice.

Home Banner

Banner advertisments on local charts.
Most users of AISLive spend the greatest amount of time on their own local chart page. A lot of our users even leave it open all day long on their desktop. At a time when we are subjected to information overload, you will only ever share your local chart with 2 other companies which ensures you get your message across.

Home Banner

If you purchase the installation kit you will receive a free advertisement banner on local charts.
For further details and to find out more about the AISLive installation kit, click here

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