AIS Live - Ship Alerts Email Service
Ship Alerts
AISLive Alert Service

This is a fully automated service that constantly monitors an individual ships current AIS position and compares this with the zone area of your selection. Once a selected ship enters this area the AISLive Alerts Service will then automatically send an alert email message advising its current position to any email address.

  • Operational Efficiency:
    the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) alerts will help with servicing staff schedules and optimising parts delivery
  • Time Management:
    Using the WatchLists, you are able to keep an eye on current vessel positions, change in destination and ETA alerts early notification in any changes in schedule
  • New Business Development:
    Use the unlimited port alerts service to generate new business by identifying opportunities coming into your port
  • Risk Analysis:
    Create bespoke alert zones to identify if a vessel is trading in a high risk area

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