AISLive layar App
How to download the new Augmented Reality App

We have a “points of interest” (POI) layer available for the augmented reality phone browser app “LAYAR” (see

This layer will return up to 50 ships in your vicinity available for viewing in augmented reality (see, on a map or in a list. A US television advert ( shows Layar in action (unfortunately not AISLive!) subscribers can use this service, logging in with their user name and password. To install this functionality on an Apple iPhone or Android-based phone, see here

Once you have the app then follow the instructions below to install the AISLive layer.

NOTE: As of 25th May 2010 Layar released an update version of their app. If you have this version, you may be asked to create a Layar account. This is NOT required for as the layer is free for subscribers. Choose “Don’t ask me again” or “Remind me later” to bypass this screen.

Search for IHS, Fairplay or AIS to bring up our layer.

A description of the service is available.

When prompted, logon using your credentials. It is recommended to choose the “Remember me” option.

After confirmation, there should be a link “return to the Layar application”, choose this.

Important note: If you get no POI (Points Of Interest - ships to you and me) you may need to adjust the distance using the cog icon and/or re-start Layar

If you are in a port and see commercial shipping nearby then you can lift up the camera view and position data will be overlaid. It may be useful to adjust the range (defaulted to 1.5km) by touching the small cog-shaped icon, dependent on the density and proximity of shipping nearby.

The Star icon adds the layer to your favourite layers.

Use the person icon to access the login/logout page (if you get no POI click here to check if you have been timed out and log back in).

Choose “Reality”, “Map” or “List” to change to type of view

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